toto name sampler

Toto! Sampler Cross Stitch Kit

Toto is back with this beautiful sampler, stitch as a name or birth sampler. Cross Stitch Kit includes 16ct white aida, DMC threads, needle and full alphabet. Approx design size 19.8cm x 14.9cm (7.8" x 5.9")RRP £20

Sales price: £20.00


DMC Magic Guide 14" x 18" White 14ct

DMC Magic Guide, 14ct white 14" x 18" (35 x 45cm) reduces counting time and helps make stitching projects quicker and easier. Grid lines disappear when washed. (RRP £4.95)

Sales price: £4.50


Pitt & Pat - Snuggles Cross Stitch Chart

Meet Pitt and Pat by Genny Haines, Snuggles Cross Stitch Chart, approx design size 80 x 52 stitches RRP £5.50

Sales price: £5.50


Looking Good! Peacock Cross Stitch Kit

Our Peacock design by Vanessa Wells is Looking Good! Cross Stitch Kit includes 14 ct pale lilac aida, DMC threads and needle. Design size approx 15.8 x 15.8cm (6.2" x 6.2") RRP £18.50

Sales price: £18.50


Decorative Table Set Crochet Pattern

DMC Crochet Pattern - Decorative Table Set RRP £2.50 Despatch time 10-14 days.

Sales price: £2.50


Mr & Mrs Tooting - Home Sweet Home! Cross Stitch Chart

Meet Mr & Mrs Tooting! Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch Chart design size is 84 x 83 stitches. RRP £6

Sales price: £6.00


Pitt & Pat - Fishing! Cross Stitch Kit

Pitt and Pat design by Genny Haines, Fishing! Cross Stitch Kit includes 14ct pale blue aida, DMC threads, needle. Approx design size 23.6cm x 7.3cm (9.3" x 2.9")RRP £16

Sales price: £12.00
Discount: £-4.00


Bruce's Garden Cross Stitch Kit

Here Come the Pups range - Bruce is having fun in his garden. Cross Stitch Kit includes 14ct pale blue aida, DMC threads and needle. Design size approx. 15.1cm x 13.2cm (5.9" x 5.2")RRP £16

Sales price: £16.00


Catherine of Aragon Cross Stitch Kit (Evenweave)

Catherine of Aragon is from our Tudor Queens range by Vanessa Wells. The kit includes 28 ct white evenweave, DMC threads and needle. Approx. design size 12.2cm x 24.5cm (4.8" x 9.6") RRP £20

Sales price: £20.00


Little Minx & Friends Cross Stitch Kit

Little Minx Kit by Genny Haines. Stitch the whole gang - Little Minx, Poppy Pony and Cosmo the Cat! Kit includes 14ct white aida, design size 22.7cm x 10.7cm (8.9" x 4.2")RRP £22

Sales price: £22.00

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